Let's have a party! Be it the holidays, a retirement, a company celebration, or just for fun, we can help you organize, set the tone, and make it memorable.

Parties: I love them! I love to create excitement from top to bottom, start to finish.

Parties come in different themes, energies, shapes and sizes.  Take a look at what I mean and together what we can create. Having worked in television I can even have lighting and set-directors build things for your event if you want to go that far… the sky is the limit!

If you’re throwing a party, I will help you create the appropriate musical atmosphere, whether it’s Oldies, Disco, Latin, Hip Hop, or Alternative. I cover all genres. I will bring all the audio gear... speakers, amps, wireless mics, and a vast music library of over 50,000 songs. I play piano, too... My main mission is to make your party the best ever.

Just so you know, we’ve done “Baby Parties,” “Burn the Mortgage Parties,” “Pool Parties,” you name it. We’re here to make memorable parties that your family, colleagues and friends will speak of fondly for years to come.


From New Year's Eve to Christmas, we can liven-up your holiday celebration. The 4th of July, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, June-teenth, Mardi Gras, and so many more need to be really celebrated. Contact us and we can put a booster-rocket under your party!

Remember last year's Christmas party? No? Let's make next year's a ringer. Want to sing Christmas carols around a piano? We’ll send the pianist. Don’t have a piano? We can send that too! Want a constant Christmas soundtrack to play the entire evening? We can make it happen. Want to do Christmas Karaoke? We’ll provide the music, monitors, mics, MC/DJ and amplification.

putting green with golf ball and players in the distance


You've got the gold watch, now what? Let's party!

After 25 years, an acquaintance held a party at his home to celebrate his new ability to sleep in. He invited his coworkers, past and present. He hired us to keep the conversation going, play his favorite music and prevent the need for him to make a speech. He said he'd made enough of them at work. We accomodated every wish. He never had to make a speech and he had a great day! We can do that for you, too.

Of course, if you want to make a speech, we can make sure that happens. It's your retirement--it's up to you. Let's make it a grand exit.


Give us the theme, we'll design your party!

Mardi Gras, Shakespeare, 1960's, disco, 1980's, patriotic, fiesta, black light parties, Luau, Hollywood, seasonal, western, rock star, white parties...we've done them all. Are you into cartoon characters? Come as your favorite one. You can have sports figures, dress by decade, monsters, rock stars, an all-girl-costume-party...the bottom-line is, whatever theme you come up with, we can design a music soundtrack to match it. We can bring it to life and make it happen. Your guests will love it and your party will be the talk of the town. What are you waiting for? Have some fun!

employees at a company party


Company parties can be an incredible bore. Let's kick it up a few notches.

Company celebrations don't have to be "mandatory fun." They can be so much more. How about an Academy Awards company party? Awards for Best Boss, Secretary, Salesman, Motivator, Team-Player... Dare we have a karaoke competition, a food fight, a Dress as The Boss night, or a roast? There are so many things we can help you come up with besides the obligatory dancing, speeches, etc. Whether you are celebrating a corporate milestone or kicking off your new startup, we'll help with a great plan, no matter what occasion or venue.


Have you ever been to an after-party with no music? They fall flat. Don't schedule one without us.

It can be raucous and loud – an exclusive party that takes place after a performance or something that was long in the making, such as a solo comedy act or one man show, singer-songwriter debut, perhaps a play or musical, a product release... Does it follow a wedding or prom, a private release of a record album or an exclusive VIP live performance of a new rock band or artist?

Your wish, your vision, your imagination is our command !

classmates at a reunion posing for a group picture


Reunions are incredible. Bringing people together that have a common history is very powerful and we love making this event special.

Got a class reunion? Fraternity or sorority reunion? We’ll provide the music that complements your reunion, no matter the year or chapter. We can also provide trivia quizzes for the group, sing-a-longs, karaoke, dancers to dance the various dances of your era, best costume competitions, anything you can think of!

Got a family reunion? We provide the perfect ambiance for your heritage. Army/Navy/AF/Marine Corps buddies reunion? We love the military! Let's make a plan.


We can create the perfect backdrop to your event. It's more than visual--music creates the ambiance. We help you elevate your event and make it outstanding.