Whether you are hosting a big corporate event, holding a gala fundraiser, need help warming up an audience, or holding a special event, we can make it one for the record books.

Large events are big productions. They may be annual or once-in-a-lifetime occasions. Whatever the frequency, they are special and must be memorable.

From corporate honors to awards ceremonies to pageants to fashion shows to fundraisers, we love to host and provide music for the event. We highlight every honoree and every contestant, spotlight the organization and honor the sponsors.

Whether you need someone to host, someone to entertain, someone to introduce, someone to put together to agenda, set up sound or light the venue, we can help. Get in touch with us.


Do you have a company that desires a yearly corporate event?

I can provide the services you need to make it a complete success and bring in others to tie the whole event together:

  • Set-ups for Speeches (Podiums, Mics, Speakers, Mixing Boards)
  • Entertainment, Award Presentations, Dancing, Live Music, DJ
  • Host, Comic, Specially Written Material
  • Lighting, Scenery or Set, Audio-Visual Screens and Projectors

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There are all kinds of ways to spice up fundraisers!

Paint party. Half Marathon. Casino night. Game show party. Karaoke competition. Whatever it takes to make your fundraising goal! Let's make it a fun evening and well worth the donation for all of your guests.


There's nothing like experience.

I’ve been DJ-ing and warming-up audiences from THE BIG BANG THEORY, to MIKE & MOLLY, TWO AND A HALF MEN, and MOM, for over 20 years. I entertain studio audiences in between the director's words "that's a cut" and "action." Through music, I create high energy and an enthusiastic audience that is demanded in the fast paced stressful world of television sitcom production.

model walking on the fashion show runway


Special events are meant to be dazzling.

From fashion shows to pageants to dance competitions to military balls, a good host/emcee understands that there are specific requirements, rules, and special instructions.

I will work with you and your event experts to make sure that the script, the order of ceremonies, and every detail is perfectly executed. Your success and your guests' enjoyment is my success and enjoyment.

Let us know what we can do for you.


We can create the perfect backdrop to your event. It's more than visual--music creates the ambiance. We help you elevate your event and make it outstanding.