Whether you are getting married, coming of age, graduating, or celebrating another trip around the sun, we can help make this celebration the best of your life.

Life celebrations are so special. They mark milestones. They are events that people remember for years, perhaps lifetimes.

I’m honored to be someone people come to when something significant is happening in their lives. I get to help plan and provide an important ingredient that is sometimes overlooked until the last minute: the music. The sense of hearing is important for humans. The acoustic atmosphere we create can change the mood of a decorated room and the people in it. Music can enhance and enliven a party like nothing else can. It is the invisible element that ties everything together at an event.

I will help you create the appropriate musical atmosphere, and I cover all genres. I will also bring all the audio gear... speakers, amps, wireless mics, and a vast music library of over 50,000 songs. I play piano, or I can help you find other musicians to fit your vision. My main mission is to make your celebration amazing and memorable.


Celebrate your love. Make the big day perfect.

From toast to garter toss, bouquet to bon voyage, I work with you to create an atmosphere of love, inclusion, and joy by developing a customized professional presentation from the grand entrance to the final send off. With a set of entertaining, thought-provoking, and playful questionnaires I’ve refined over the past 20 years of experience, together we’ll create a day that you, your loved ones, and friends will long remember.

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casually dressed couple making a heart with their hands


Weddings may be the final grand statement of a couple’s relationship before living happily ever after, but there are many events that lead up to the Big Day.

We’ve done pool parties instead of showers and housewarmings instead of bachelor parties. Anything is possible, limited only by your imagination. Make your wedding celebration the grand finale of all the great parties that lead up to the big event.

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Mazel Tov!

After the Ceremony, you have the post party, which should be big, afterall, you only come of age once in your life. I know one young man who entered his party atop an elephant. Pretty amazing. (If asked, I could track that down for you.) Most Mitzvahs include blessings, games, dancing, games, being taught new dances by Lakers Cheerleaders, games, food service, candle lighting ceremony, oh and did I mention games?!

sea of red caps and gowns at graduation


Graduation celebrations are all different. Let's make this one special.

Is it 6th, 7th or 8th grade? Can do. Perhaps a speech or two, dancing (did someone say Cha-Cha Slide?)..…a cake cutting, speeches, dances…You name it! Is it a High School Graduation Party? this can have a whole variety of things, too like scavenger hunts, dancing, games, speeches, toasts, a sit-down dinner with an after-party with a DJ/Karaoke? Graduating from college? Celebrate this achievement with an elegant reception or a serious party. From elegant piano to hard rock, it’s all possible.


From beautiful babies to awesome octigenarians, everyone deserves a tribute for another trip around the sun.

The Kiddie’s Party: Balloons, clowns, a bounce house, cartoon portrait sketch-drawers, games, (and of course, fun for the adults in attendance)
The Sweet Sixteen Party: Coed or just boys or girls, the fun never ends with games, dancing, live band, DJ/Karaoke
The Theme Birthday Party: Costumes, signature cocktails, toasts, speeches…
The Elegant Tribute: Champagne toasts, cake and beautiful ambiance. We can create an original soundtrack to go with a slide-show throughout the whole special evening conjuring up memories from your eventful life.

older couple kissing


Celebrate the love you've shared in the perfect way.

Whether it's your fifth or fiftieth, we know how to do anniversaries! We've performed our services in parks, hotels, ballrooms and back yards.

We can provide a live band with horns or a quartet of strings that will provide an evening of fun, tasteful background music that complements the entire evening. Perhaps an original soundtrack to go with a slide-show throughout the whole special evening conjuring up memories from your eventful life together.

Let us know what we can do for you.


We can create the perfect backdrop to your event. It's more than visual--music creates the ambiance. We help you elevate your event and make it outstanding.