IM A Musician, DJ, Event Planner and

Master of Ceremonies

Throwing a Party? I will help you create the appropriate musical atmosphere, whether it’s Oldies, Disco, Latin, Hip Hop, or Alternative. I cover all genres. I will bring all the audio gear... speakers, amps, wireless mics, and a vast music library of over 50,000 songs. I play piano, too... My main mission is to make your party the best ever.

I can help make your event


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Kenny Millen

Born and raised in Los Angles, at 9 years old I began learning the piano. Immediately, music became my passion. My father, a music lover, introduced me to musical artists such as Frank Sinatra, Benny Goodman, Count Basie, and the list goes on. I cut my own musical chops as Rock ‘n Roll flourished along with my love for the blues.

I have been performing in front of live audiences for many years. I am a lyricist, composer and singer-songwriter who can write a song for any occasion. I‘ve accompanied singers, theater productions, written show tunes, performed in studio, and traveled the road. I’ve created musical comedies, roasted in tune, and have parodied well know songs. From rock to jazz to show tunes...

I began my DJ business nearly 20 years ago because of a chance meeting with a man who warmed-up TV Sitcoms. I became one of the early pioneers to bring music to sitcom audiences. I now bring my years of experience to the TV tapings of THE BIG BANG THEORY and TWO AND A HALF MEN... hit comedies on CBS.

I know music, and I know how to tastefully entertain at weddings, corporate events, and parties. My service is unique in that I am a pianist and a humorist. I enjoy having the flexibility of being able to switch from live piano to pre-recorded light dinner music when the evening calls for it. I then can transition the evening to dancing, keeping your guests moving and entertained.

My philosophy is to elevate you and your guests in ways that create lasting memories.


Some of my greatest memories were made in LA's studios.